Lucchese LEADVILLE GY1508.73 Mens Stonewashed Grey Mad Dog Goat Boots Size 9.5 EE STALL STOCK
Brand: Lucchese Bootmaker
Retail: $695.00
Style Number: GY1508.73
Toe: 7 Toe
Heel: 3 Heel
Size: 9.5 EE (Wide)
Color: Stonewashed Anthracite Gray
Material: Mad Dog Goat
Features: For those that aren't lucky enough to inherit a pair of Lucchese boots, Lucchese designers developed a method called the "10 year stone wash" to create the same look and feel as an heirloom boot. The boot begins with a mad dog goat base, which is painted, tied up and placed in a washing machine with pumice rocks. Once thoroughly pummeled, Leadville is then re-lasted, placed on a boot tree and hand-polished to create an authentic lived-in look.
Ships: 1-2 Business Days