Lucchese Rayburn CZ3504.Q3LS Mens Sand Calfskin Boots
Brand: Lucchese Bootmaker - Made in USA
Price: $595.00
Style: CZ3504.Q3LS - RAYBURN
Toe: Q3 Toe
Heel: LS Heel
Color: Sand
Material: Calfskin
Features: The Lucchese Rayburn is a 15" western boot with an all-new stirrup construction. Handmade with durable elephant or Comanche suede leather, The Lucchese Rayburn features delicate stitching throughout the quarters and teardrop pull holes. Inspired by the Vaquero style of horse training, our new Cow Horse boots are an ideal choice for those who live in the stirrups. Handmade in Texas, USA! Additional FeaturesA full welt on the outside of the foot provides a comfortable fit in the stirrup. ¾ welt on the inside of the boot offers enhanced arch support. Storm welt provides a tighter seal from welt to vamp leather, keeping dirt and water out longer. Longer heel for enhanced comfort in the stirrups. Stirrup-friendly rubber outsole offers longevity and durability.
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