Lucchese Sumter GY3500.R9 Mens Black Royal Calfskin Boots
Brand: Lucchese Classics - Made in USA
Price: $845.00
Style: GY3500.R9 - SUMTER
Toe: R Toe
Heel: 9 Heel
Color: Black
Vamp Material: Royal Calfskin
Quarter Material: Royal Calfskin
Features: The Lucchese Sumter is constructed with luxurious royal calf, sourced in England, to create a dashing roper with regal look and feel. Deftly constructed, Sumter blends practicality with class for the man who wears his boots in a variety of settings. A slight in the heel distinguishes this boot and adds a western touch, while the lemon wood hand pegging offers the distinctive arch support found in a Lucchese boot.
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