Lucchese Saratoga GY4501.S54 Womens Cognac Burnished Baby Buffalo Boots
Brand: Lucchese Classics - Made in USA
Price: $1,295.00
Style: GY4501.S54 - SARATOGA
Toe: S5 Toe
Heel: 4 Heel
Color: Cognac Burnished
Vamp Material: Baby Buffalo
Features: The luxe calf version of its sister boot Sheridan, Saratoga's supple leather is silken to touch. Small golden studs run beneath the hand-braided collar and along the crown. The French calf scroll overlay stands out proudly against the tops for an exceedingly elegant Western aesthetic. Made by hand in Texas, USA using Lucchese's legendary 125 step Lucchese Classics manufacturing process which includes hand pegged Lemonwood pegs and twisted cone last. Lucchese Classics fit better than any other boot.
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