Lucchese Knox GY1502.63 Mens Black Cherry Royal Calfskin Boots
Brand: Lucchese Classics - Made in USA
Price: $1,545.00
Style: GY1502.63 - KNOX
Toe: 6 Toe
Heel: 3 Heel
Color: Black Cherry
Vamp Material: Royal Calfskin
Quarter Material: Royal Calfskin
Features: A clean, refined boot, the Lucchese Knox showcases classic Lucchese elements that have been reworked in an upscale manner. Constructed from fine royal calf, the boot is supple, soft and rich. Leather sole with single row welt stitch stained to match the sole. Made by hand in Texas, USA using Lucchese's legendary 125 step Lucchese Classics manufacturing process which includes hand pegged Lemonwood pegs and twisted cone last and stacked leather heels created right in the factory. Lucchese Classics fit better than any other boot.
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