Lucchese KD4007.74 Womens Brown Ostrich Leg Cowboy Boots
Brand: Lucchese Bootmaker
Retail: $625.00
Style Number: KD4007.74
Toe: 7 Toe
Heel: 4 Heel
Color: Brown
Vamp Material: Ostrich Leg
Quarter Material: Calf Suede
Features: The Lucchese KD4007 is a unique and very pretty Lucchese cowboy boot made with Kimono Brown Ostrich Leg vamps and Calf Suede quarters.  Quarters have a traditional Lucchese stitch pattern.  Other features include vamp matching leather overlay on pullstraps and single-row welt stitch that is stained to match on leather soles. Made in Texas, USA.
Ships: 1-2 Business Days