Lucchese Elliott GY8001.X10 Mens Chocolate Belly Nile Crocodile Boots
Brand: Lucchese Classics - Made in USA
Price: $3,025.00
Style: GY8001.X10 - ELLIOTT
Toe: X1 Toe
Heel: 0 Heel
Color: Chocolate
Vamp Material: Nile Crocodile Belly
Features: The Lucchese Elliott is the exotic version of The Lucchese Squire, a handsome dress boot that will meet the requirements of any fine occasion. With a vamp constructed from luxurious Nile crocodile, The Lucchese Elliott will be the star of any elegant ensemble. This "pony boot" features a covered side seam and side zip for easy wear. Finally, The Lucchese Elliott boasts a McAfee heel, a famed historical construction that features a dovetail toplift that locks into place. Handmade in Texas, USA!
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