Lucchese Classics L4125.54 Womens Black Crocodile Belly Boots
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Brand: Lucchese Classics - Made in USA
Price: $2,195.00
Style Number: L4125.54
Toe: 5 Toe
Heel: 4 Heel
Color: Black
Vamp Material: Crocodile Belly
Features: The Lucchese L4125 is a beautiful woman's western boot. The Lucchese Classics line of boots are what Lucchese is truly known for. Time tested and true, Lucchese Classics fit better than any boot made. Using on the finest grades of leathers and incredible craftsmanship, these boots will last you a long time. Lucchese's legendary 125 step Lucchese Classics production process which includes hand-pegged Lemonwood pegs and twisted cone last. These boots are handmade with pride right in Texas, USA!
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