Lucchese Beau Mens Chocolate Pirarucu Boots GY1019.73 Classics
Brand: Lucchese Classics - Made in USA
Price: $2,295.00
Style: GY1019.73 - BEAU
Toe: 7 Toe
Heel: 3 Heel
Color: Chocolate Brown
Vamp Material: Pirarucu
Quarter Material: Ranch Hand Calfskin
Features: The Lucchese Beau is a fashion-forward cowboy boot featuring one of the most exotic leathers Lucchese uses, the pirarucu fish. The quarters feature a modern twist on the traditional stitch pattern that reinterprets the popular skull motif without being obvious. Pirarucu, or arapaima, is unlike any other leather. The dramatic scales of the largest freshwater fish in the Amazon River basin make for a distinctive-looking boot that will not go unnoticed. Very soft and very supple, it molds to the foot fast for a relaxed fit, yet it also has good tensile strength for durability. These boots feature a leather sole with single row welt stitch stained to match the sole. All Lucchese toe, heel, sole and size / width options are available. Made by hand in Texas, USA using Lucchese's legendary 125 step Lucchese Classics manufacturing process which includes hand pegged Lemonwood pegs and twisted cone last. Lucchese Classics fit better than any other boot.
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