Lucchese Classics F5053 Mens Whiskey Baby Buffalo Pony Matador Boots
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Brand:  Lucchese Classics - Made in USA
Retail:  $995.00
Style Number:  F5053
Height:  8"
Color:  Whiskey Burnished
Vamp Material:  Florence Buffalo
Quarter Material:  Florence Buffalo
Features:  A gentleman's boot, the F5053 is a men's Lucchese Classics Pony Matador with zippers on the insides of the boots for easy on - easy off.  Other features include Torero Side Seam combined with single row welt stitch stained to match.  All toe, heel, sole and size / widths available.  Handmade in Texas, USA using Lucchese Classics 125 step manufacturing process since 1883.
Ships: 14-16 Weeks