Lucchese L1256 Mens Black Nile Belly Crocodile Cowboy Classics Boots
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Brand: Lucchese Classics - Made in USA
Price: $4,295.00
Style: L1256
Color: Black
Vamp Material: Nile Crocodile Belly
Quarter Material: Polished Goat
Features: The Lucchese L1256 is a men's luxurious exotic Lucchese Classics Boot with highly refined Nile Crocodile Belly vamps. Unbelievably handsome, Nile Crocodile comes from South Africa and are the most high quality crocodile available. The quarters are made of polished goat and are plain with the exception of an overly collar in vamp matching Nile Crocodile skin. These boots made a refined statement complete with covered side seams. Other details include Kennedy with Overlay pull straps and single row welt stitch stained to match. All toe, heel, sole and size / width options are available. Handmade with Lucchese's legendary 125 step Lucchese Classics manufacturing process in Texas, USA. No other boots fit like a Lucchese Classics boot.
Ships: Made to Order 12 - 14 Weeks